Cave Witch


  • Image of Cave Witch
  • Image of Cave Witch
  • Image of Cave Witch
  • Image of Cave Witch
  • Image of Cave Witch

7ft high x 5 ft wide⁠
Acrylic on canvas
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The wonderful writer Szuszi Gartner wrote a brilliant passage called "How to Make Love to a Cave Witch" about this painting, here's an excerpt:⁠
"Her movement followed the sun. She took water in through her pores - she spent hours in a shallow pool near the opening of her cave, her hair turning a bewitching shade of green. Her silence was incandescent. (It must be added that there is no record of anyone anywhere ever hearing heard the voice of a cave witch.) We were rendered as shy as a Victorian bride and could only watch from a distance. And what we saw told us we would never be lover enough for a cave witch." ⁠ - Szuszi Gartner "How to Make Love to a Cave Witch" 2018
A signed copy of the Tales Untold catalogue containing the full essay and extra small pieces written by Szuszi will be included with your purchase of this painting.

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